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Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots Long Beach Pyramid #43

                            Toparch     Adam Buttons    
                            Mobib        Mike Williams     
                            Scribe        Charles Bruggeman, P.P.
  1866 Ashbrook Ave  Long Beach, CA 90815 (562) 597-7320

Meetings 2nd Saturday Intl. City Masonic Center
5155 E. Pacific Coast Hwy Long Beach, CA 90804
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O Sciots all,

Holiday season was a success this year. We went out there; we put some skin in the game, and made a difference in peoples’ lives by doing random acts of kindness. Our Holiday party was a success. I want to thank our Chaplain Robert Schmidt for his entertainment and the hard work of our Tag-A-Longs. The ladies did a great job organizing everything. The entertainment by those young children was awesome I want to thank Jan Bruggeman for putting that together.

The event at the Cabrillo Village for Christmas Day was a success. I want to thank Mike Selix for the awesome job he has done with this event.
I have decided in February we will do initiations, so get those candidates in there, and let’s have a great turn out. I would like all the officers to show up at 3:15 p.m. for January meeting. Our event for January will be a Movie theme which will be handled by Mike Selix, our Armeses. Please help him every way you can. 
I can’t believe that I am already 1/4 of the way done with a lot more to do. Put some skin into the game and pay it forward…

Adam D. Buttons, Toparch