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Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots Long Beach Pyramid #43

                            Toparch     Mike Williams  
                            Scribe        Charles Bruggeman, P.P.
  1866 Ashbrook Ave  Long Beach, CA 90815 (562) 597-7320

Meetings 2nd Saturday Intl. City Masonic Center
5155 E. Pacific Coast Hwy Long Beach, CA 90804
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From the Toparch 

I would like to thank everyone for their help with the April feast which was put together by Pete Goetz. Thank you to our Tag-A-Longs for their table setup, kitchen clean-up, and never ending support. And a special thank you to Margaret, Jan, Chuck, & Susan for their extra help – it makes everything easier when all members participate. 

We are preparing to host the Supreme Semi-Annual meeting at our Pyramid in May. Thank you to chairman Jan Eligh & Margaret, Chuck Bruggeman & Jan, and Chuck Schubert & Suzette for all your hard work putting this together you are a blessing to all of Sciotry.  

We will be having an initiation on Saturday, May 14th. To make this a memorable event, all officers need to review and practice the ceremony in their manual. There will be coffee and donuts available at 8 AM prior to our meeting at 9AM.

June’s meeting will begin half an hour early at 3:30 in order to have plenty of time to get ourselves to Los Alamitos Racetrack for the Father’s Day event that the Tag-A-Longs put together for us. Details are available in a separate flyer, but I encourage you to get your reservations, meal choices, and any 
payments due in right away so you’re able to enjoy this fun-filled evening! 

Those of you who attend 3 of 5 meetings between January and June will be comped by the Tag-A-Longs, and all other Sciot members that choose to attend will be required to pay a discounted fee of $35. All women and guests will be charged $50.  

Thank you for supporting Pyramid #43.

Michael Williams – Toparch

Get ready to support our Semi-annual Session of the Supreme Pyramid of Sciotry to be held at Long Beach Pyramid on May 13-16, 2016. We need all members to support the effort, so please come out and be a part of welcoming our Pharaoh Bud Ramsey and his team of Officers.

Click here for the Semi Annual Flyer

PP Chuck Bruggeman, Scribe  

The Tag-A-Longs invite you to Celebrate Father’s Day with A Night at the Races Join us June 11th at 5 P.M. (following meeting) at Los Alamitos Track Vessels Club 

​Click here for Fathers Day Flyer 

Price: Free to all SCIOT members who have attended 3 of 5 meetings between January & June 2016. All other SCIOT members pay $35. Ladies & Guests pay $50 (Make checks payable to “Tag-A-Longs”). 

Includes: parking, admission to track & Vessels Club, sponsored race, terrace view seating, dinner (drink & dessert included)

Dress Code: Appropriate attire required. Suits, sport coats, pantsuits, dresses preferred. No tee shirts, shorts, athletic clothes, athletic shoes or jeans (unless dress with sport coat). 

CHOOSE AN ENTRÉE: ____Fried Chicken, ____Chicken Marsala, ____Marinated Grilled Tri Tip, ___Poached Salmon

RSVP: REQUIRED – by June 1st at the latest along with entrée choice to Sue Laverty-Williams at casuel@aol.com or 714-293-4497 Payment must be received prior to departure on June 11. “A Reservation Made is a Reservation Paid”