Welcome to the Supreme Sciot Pyramid Website  A Masonic Organization Dedicated to Boosting Masonry

Welcome Supreme Sciot Pyramid Website

Sciotry is a Masonic Organization  established in 1910 dedicated to uniting all Master Masons in a closer bond of Friendship, Fellowship and Cooperation
Our Motto is "To help each other in the accomplishment of honest endeavors" and to spread the doctrine of 
Supporting all Masonic Lodges

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Chuck Schubert Pharaoh of all Sciotry 2017 and his Lady Suzette

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Pharaohs Schedule of Official Visits 

June 10 Long Beach #43
June 19th Chicago #1
July 28/29 San Jose #9 (Cornerstone)
August 3-5 New Jersey #3 
August 12 the Pharaohs Homecoming #43
October 13-15 California Grand Lodge
November 9-12 Annual Sessions San Jose #9 
​To be held in Morgan Hill C.A 
Annual Session will be held in November 
Please sign up for sessions early!